This was a 2 week trip to Paris and London. I will probably talk about this vacation, I mean, work trip for the rest of my life.


I'm a little bit of a tourist when I'm on a shoot. I have my point and shoot camera either around my neck or on my belt. I take tons of pics because I want my mom and dad to see that I have a pretty cool job. They wanted me to be an engineer. Below is just a very small sample of the shoots I've been lucky enough to attend.

Behind the Scenes

I have endless photos from my time on Acura. Here are some from the desert, SF and NYC.



These were a series of shoots all over California for 4 weeks straight. I was exhausted after it all, but cry me a river, right?

I don't include this commercial in my portfolio because honestly, it's not great. On paper, it had potential. It was stop-motion and the directors were beyond great. I'm gonna throw the client under the bus on this one. Whatever the case, I had three great weeks in Buenos Aires. I ate way too much beef and drank way too much Malbec, but well worth it.


The most recent shoot. It was about 5 days in LA and then off to Arizona, Orlando and Chicago for two weeks. Fun!