I love this commercial and print ad. My pride for them comes from the fact I was able to squeeze out this caliber of work from a small multicultural agency. Ads in this market are normally not as conceptual or ambitious. Plus, budgets are half the size of the mainstream market. Everything was an uphill battle. Whatever the case, I pushed through it and got some work I'm proud of.

The Car Stuff






GMC Acadia Brochure


This is just a small sampling of work I did during my 3 years cranking on Acura. Budgets were great and I collaborated with the best photographers and directors around the world. I also got the biggest boondoggle of my career while shooting car commercials for two weeks in London and Paris.I was so Mad Men in Europe.

I had never done a car brochure until Tom Saputo of Saputo Design naively agreed to let me "give it a shot." Coming from working exclusively on national car commercials and print ads, I thought I had it covered. It was one of the hardest, most stress-inducing assignments I've ever had the pleasure of working on. So thanks, Tom! Check out some old-school slideshows of the project.


GMC Sierra Brochure

I live in LA, but I'm really not a car guy. They're metal with wheels that take me from point A to point B.

Yet, despite this functional mindset, I grew to really appreciate the automobile through my years of working on various car accounts like Toyota, Acura, GMC and Isuzu.

Actually, I got really good at making these vehicles look sporty, sexy, fast and fun. And although I drive an old family sedan, I now can see its potential as a thing of beauty.