TrueCar Team Building Offsite

One day a year, TrueCar shuts down and all the employees go out into the community to "Serve, Passionately" whether it be food service at homeless shelters to beach clean-up.

With a little branding and creativity, an obligatory corporate meeting, turned into an extremely memorable day

It was a two day event at the TrueCar Santa Monica offices that took months of planning. And by the third day, we had to edit a quick video together to show at the awards ceremony. It was a whirlwind, but well

worth it. Can't wait until the next one.

With changes in leadership and ways of working, TrueCar needed to bring three big departments together for some team bonding.

TrueCar Impact Day

Nothing brings a team together like warm weather, poolside chats and endless food and drink. A little ATVing helps too!

Every year TrueCar brings all 400+ employees from Austin, SF and LA together for one big company meeting. 

TrueCar Marketing Goes to Palm Springs

From the lighting to the furniture to the over-the-top trophy, it was satisfying to bring moodboards and sketches to life.

At my old ad agency, every MLK holiday was not a day off. It was our opportunity to go out into the community and provide a day of service. 

A two day trip to the Parker in Palm Springs is more than enough, but take it to next level with some cool swag and a fun team activity.

TrueCar Hackathon

MLK Day - A Day of Service

TrueCar All Hands Summit