I've done a kazillion banners for TrueCar. Enough said.


Here's my favorite thing I've done in this space. We took over the 21st Century Auto Insurance YouTube Channel and created a fun intro piece.

This flash banner series involved placing fake banners next to the 21st Century ones. The fake banners always had something in them that would destroy the car in the 21st banner.

The bulk of my duties is doing broadcast work, but I'm quite capable of pulling a 40k-flash banner out of my hat every so often. I might even be able to take my tv-concepting brain across a medium to create a YouTube Channel takeover page. Check it out...



This was a banner on the YouTube homepage. Nothing crazy exciting. I just really liked the idea of dropping cars into hot lava.


eHarmony had a campaign using these simple illustrations so I created a playful banner series incorporating that look.

We created this rich media banner that continued to a simple game you could play that was actually kinda fun.