Before those darn cute talking babies, E*TRADE used to have this snarky print campaign. It was a writer's dream, but I kind of had fun with it too.


I got my first break working in the Design Group of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Although I don't think I'm much of a graphic designer, having it as a base to my art direction has helped me enormously. I just want my friends to stop asking me to design their wedding invites.

Top Row: Accepted at PetSmart, Accepted at American Airlines

Bottom Row: Accepted at Walgreens, Accepted at Cheesecake Factory

What's on this page is just 7 out of 27 ads I eventually shot with renown photographer (and great mentor) Kenji Toma. I was based in SF, but for almost two years I flew back and forth to NY to shoot with Kenji.

The concept was simple. Discover Card wasn't accepted everywhere, but it was it accepted at a lot of cool places. For example, the top three ads on this page were accepted at Crate&Barrel, Eddie Bauer and the DMV.

These visually impactful ads were plastered across the U.S. on billboards and in print ads. It garnered some minor acclaim and would've snowballed into something bigger if my creative directors hadn't come up with a killer tv campaign that ate up the client's ad budget.

It's ok, I got over it. I have a great collection of ads and got to know Manhattan to boot.


Ok, I'm probably dating myself by still featuring print work in my portfolio, but I'm old school. As much as I'm in awe of the digital work out there, my heart still has a soft spot for the medium that taught me the power of visual communication. Below are some samples.

Print & Design


Top Row: Promotional piece for cyclist Greg LeMond, Rubin, Postaer & Associates internal rebrand, Eric Kroll S&M Photographer

Bottom Row: Wrestling poster for Ameristar Casinos, Toyota Asian American Film Festival promotional giveaways, Miscellaneous personal stuff