We  created a blog that captured news from around the world that the media wasn’t reporting. Positive things that evoke and promote the Aloha spirit. We curated the content and seeded it out via their social channels.

And finally, if you have some extra time, give this island wisdom a read:

We wanted to move beyond traditional media and give the consumer little happy moments throughout their day. Whether turning a trashcan into a game or plastering a city with positive graffiti, Aloha would be everywhere.

We came up with a slew of outdoor and print that were as feel-good and Aloha as we could make them.

Aloha is about giving and sharing. So why not a 7-pack or a give-a-penny, take-a-penny tray?

“Bottle Backstories” was our television campaign that positioned product as hero, but in an authentic way. The images depicted on each bottle became more than just packaging. We brought them to life as moments lived with the spirit of Liquid Aloha.

When sharing Aloha to the world, we thought it would be good for the Kona Brewing Co. to start internally. We came up with a kit they could give to new hires. TOP: Overall box  BOTTOM: Inside box

This was a tough one. Although I've been in many pitches throughout my career, I had never been more pumped about a client than this one. Yes, I do like beer, but that's not why I wanted this account so bad.

The tagline for Kona Brewing Co. is "Liquid Aloha." I was born in Hawaii and the word Aloha is a special one to me. Actually, it wasn't until I worked on this pitch did I realize how much my life is centered around this word. Aloha means so many things from hello to goodbye to compassion to kindness to love. For me, it's just a way of life where I treat everybody like they're family.

The campaign we created for this pitch centered around being authentically Aloha. Although we didn't win this account, it was a complete pleasure to bring Aloha to life. Below is a small sampling.

Kona Brewing Co.

Playlists were created and housed on Kona’s site for consumers to stream. Each list was dedicated to establishing an identity for the different beers they craft.