On the day the company went public, we plastered Times Square with all things TrueCar. It was a culmination of all the brand building we've been doing. It was a joyous and proud day for us all.
Though not yet produced, we’re in the midst of creating a web series called “True Honesty”. Featuring Sarah Silverman, the idea is to put TrueCar’s most coveted and core brand value, transparency, to the ultimate test. We’ll be taking Sarah through the TrueCar experience
and documenting every step of the journey, warts and all.


TrueCar is a company that believes that the car-buying process should be transparent and anxiety-free. They firmly believe car-buying can be easy and fun. Most people would shake their heads to this idea.

So we created The TRUE Campaign. Our goal was to evoke all the positive feelings we associate with car ownership and align them with car-buying.

We wanted to give this passionate start-up that no one knew – some heart.

And if you take a few minutes to check out the work below, you'll see how we brought this company to life.

What’s a campaign without a stunt to generate some PR and earned media? Introducing the TrueCar Price Trailer, instead of calculating your speed, it told you the value of your car.




The TRUE Campaign


Associate Creative Director:  Harold Valderama

Associate Creative Director:  Nick Liebeskind
Creative / Editor:  Adam Pilkington
Agency Producer:  Shawn Bennett
Director:  John X Carey



Building on the success of our "True Love (Dogs)" spot we created an Instagram Promotion  where people posted a picture of their dog in a car and TrueCar donated $1 to the Best Friends Animal Society. $50,000 was raised to rescue our furry friends.