MLK Day 2015

This type of video is my bread and butter. I shoot and edit them for work events like this, but I also do them obsessively for home videos of my little boy.


Truth Tube

TrueCar asked us to create an online series that was fun, informational and car-related. I concepted and storyboarded a few animated videos which got brought to life by a motion graphics company.

21 Days of Fitness

Besides assigning me to cheerlead my fellow co-workers while working out, my CEO asked me to put together this video highlighting an amazing 21 days of fitness funded by our agency.


We created a cool Instagram promotion for TrueCar where we partnered with the Best Friends Animal Society. This video was commissioned to show the world the backstory and the good that arose from this successful campaign.

Concur App

The TrueCar Accounting team wanted a more playful video versus the PowerPoint-type stuff they were used to. I accepted the challenge and art directed my butt off.

As much as I enjoy creating big budget tv commercials, I might get more joy from creating longer form videos for the internet. There is a freedom that comes from being able to tell stories with more than 30 seconds. And although the money is smaller, doing things "run and gun" with a tight crew is far more exhilarating and rewarding. This is especially true if I can either direct them, shoot them, edit them or do all the above myself.

Video Content

TrueCar Mentorship Program


This was our ad agency casestudy about eHarmony. Between my writer, editor and myself we created something out of nothing. Super informational, but quite watchable.

While in between assignments, I helped out my co-workers by directing a series of behind-the-scene videos for their commercial campaign.

For consumers buying a car during the holidays, TrueCar wanted to bombard their social media with a fun and helpful video. Per usual, the budget was nothing and the timing tight.

TrueCar started a Mentorship Program and I was tasked to shoot, write and edit an upbeat video encapsulating it all. The impact on the kids was huge and I was grateful to be part of it.

TrueCar Holiday Social Media Video

I'm a traditional ad guy who believes in telling stories in :30 or :60 second chunks. With videos on Instagram, I started to see the fun in keeping it short and sweet. Here are a few samples from my kids tees brand.

21st Century Insurance