I'm a traditional ad guy who believes in telling stories in :30 or :60 second chunks. With videos on Instagram, I started to see the fun in keeping it short and sweet. Here are a few samples from my kids tees brand.


While in between assignments, I helped out my co-workers by directing a series of behind-the-scene videos for their commercial campaign.

Truth Tube

TrueCar asked us to create an online series that was fun, informational and car-related. I concepted and storyboarded a few animated videos which got brought to life by a motion graphics company.

21 Days of Fitness

Besides assigning me to cheerlead my fellow co-workers while working out, my CEO asked me to put together this video highlighting an amazing 21 days of fitness funded by our agency.


A great promotional campaign TrueCar did with the Best Friends Animal Society. Pets aren't easy to shoot, but they are so darn cute!

Concur App

The TrueCar Accounting team wanted a more playful video versus the PowerPoint-type stuff they were used to. I accepted the challenge and art directed my butt off.

As much as I enjoy creating big budget tv commercials, I might get more joy from creating longer form videos for the internet. There is a freedom that comes from being able to tell stories with more than 30 seconds. And although the money is smaller, doing things "run and gun" with a tight crew is far more exhilarating and rewarding. This is especially true if I can either direct them, shoot them, edit them or do all the above myself.

Video Content

For consumers buying a car during the holidays, TrueCar wanted to bombard their social media with a fun and helpful video. Per usual, the budget was nothing and the timing tight.

TrueCar Mentorship Program

I had a relaxing day out on a backyard garden doing an intro video for Simples, a hand prepared, plant based tonics company. The founder, Tracy Donat is the real deal.

TrueCar CEO, Chip Perry is a warm person who would love to greet every new employee. Unfortunately, he's also a very busy man. So I was tasked to come up with a video. 

21st Century Insurance - Behind the Scenes 

TrueCar started a Mentorship Program and I was tasked to shoot, write and edit an upbeat video encapsulating it all. The impact on the kids was huge and I was grateful to be part of it.

TrueCar Holiday Social Media Video

Simples Tonic

CEO Welcome