from million dollar commercials to tiny web banners.  Lately, I've been making kids t-shirts and creative directing a team in-house. My creative range is vast and varied. Hopefully, this site will give you a taste. Thanks for stopping-by!

I'm Harold. For the last 20 years I've been an advertising art director doing everything from

In recent years, long-form content has flourished and I love it. With this format, stories are told with more depth than a 30-sec spot.

The Bread and Butter

A large chunk of my career was spent literally traveling the world doing photoshoots and shooting car commercials. Go to my Portfolio link in masthead above.

Years in the Making

Since first working on TrueCar in 2011, I've always dreamt of elevating the brand. Dreams do come true.

I have huge respect for anyone planning an event. They are complex and stressful. But as a creative, visualizing events can be incredibly fun and super rewarding especially when you see it come to fruition. 

Welcome to

Sultan Sky Tees.

A kid's t-shirt shop inspired by my boy Skyler. It's my labor of love. We're on hiatus, but we hope to make more soon!