from million dollar commercials to tiny web banners.  Lately, I've been making kids t-shirts and working on fun projects. My creative range is vast and varied. Hopefully, this site will give you a taste. Thanks for stopping-by!

I'm Harold. For the last 20 years I've been an advertising art director doing everything from

In recent years, long-form content has flourished and I love it. With this format, stories are told with more depth than a 30-sec spot.

tv ADs

Whether it's an animated spot or an ad with fancy effects, I've done it all.

Welcome to

Sultan Sky Tees.

A kid's t-shirt shop inspired by my boy Skyler. It's my labor of love. We're on hiatus, but we hope to make more soon!


There was a time when I got to travel the world and shoot shiny cars on curvy roads...

INTRODUCTION: The "True" Campaign

From emotional brand work to hard-hitting testimonials, this campaign for TrueCar does it all.

I have huge respect for anyone planning an event. They are complex and stressful. But as a creative, visualizing events can be incredibly fun and super rewarding especially when you see it come to fruition.